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What is VoliToken?

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Staking Pool

VoliToken staking pool is a tool that allows multiple VoliToken holders to pool in their tokens, thereby granting the staking pool operator a validator status and rewarding all stakeholders with tokens for their computational resources' contributions.


Voli is an animated character based on Metaverse developed to offer a fun and simple experience for people seeking to earn income while enjoying the Voli World.


Metaverse offers a revolutionary way of passing on information, advertising, presenting projects, and communicating with people. The most important thing is for us to bring users to the Voli World (meta-planet)and give them reasons to stay, explore and keep coming back.

The Roadmap

January 2022

Website and Social Media Release

January 2022

Pancakeswap Listing

October 2022


October 2022


November 2022

CoinGecko Listing​

December 2022

CoinMarketCap Listing

January 2023

VOLI Merchendise

March 2023

Partnership Announcements

June 2023

CEX Listing

July 2023

Binance Listing

August 2023

Staking Pool Launch

September 2023

Voli Metaverse official Launch

Distribution of tokens

Total Sell
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Partners & Technologies

Who's behind VoliToken?

Frequently Asked Questions

VoliToken is a project aimed to combine everyone’s favorite token with the lucrative and trending sector of the crypto market. The goal of the VoliToken project is to obtain the highest score possible by activity in the meta-planet while collecting tokens to boost your benefit.

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